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Are You Ready To Master The Art Of Rapping? You Are About To Discover The Most Powerful Tips And Proven Strategies Used By Some Of Today’s Hottest Rappers!

Dear Aspiring MC,

First off, let me introduce myself.  For confidential reasons, I am going by the name of "The Ghost Writer".  I have been ghost writing for many rappers (some which you’ve probably heard of) for the past 8 years.  I have written everything from hardcore underground rap songs, to radio friendly pop culture songs. I have also competed and won several rap battle competitions that earned me some real street cred as being a real lyricist.

Over the past few years I have come across so many aspiring MC’s that really wanted to learn how to rap.  After a while,  I started writing down some of the questions that I was being asked along with the answers that I gave.  One day when I was looking over some of my notes, I realized that I possessed a lot of information that could really benefit a lot of people.  That’s when I decided to create “Rap Like A Pro - The Official How To Rap Guide For Aspiring MC’s”. (Note: This Is A Digital Download)
Learn To Rap With Rap Like A Pro | The Official How To Rap Munual For Aspiring MC's
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Here is some of the topics covered in this learn to rap guide:

The Basics Of Rapping - Learn the foundation of rapping!
How To Come  Up With Rhymes - Learn simple but very effective ways to come up with rhymes with ease!
How To Write Rap Songs - I will explain the 4 steps used to write a rap song!
How To Eliminate Writer’s Block - I reveal the secret techniques used by some of today’s biggest rappers to breakthrough writer’s block!
How To Ghost Write And Get Paid - See how easy it is to make money writing raps for other people!
Recording Tips And Tricks - Find out the secret methods and tricks used when recording a rap song that will make your song 10 Times Better!
How To Write Hot Hooks - Hooks can make your rap songs instint hits, if you know how to write them!
How To Freestyle Rap - I reveal exactly what it takes to become a REAL Freestyle Rapper and how you can become one!
The one thing that you should never do when freestyle rapping and how to avoid it!
How To Win Almost Every Battle - I actually give you a line that you can use to destroy your rap battle competition!
And much more…

“I gotta admit, I was real skeptical when I saw your guide, but since it was so cheap I figured I had nothin to lose. All I can say is, this guide is the truth.”

Sick Flow,
Cleveland, OH

When I put together this guide, I wanted it to be something that anyone who was serious about learning how to rap can get, read quickly and start benefiting from right away!
Simply put, There is not a more easy to read, comprehensive, super informative, how to rap guide found anywhere on or offline.

I am fully aware that I could be selling this Powerful information for way more then the $9.95 that I am, But I realize by making “Rap Like A Pro” so ridiculously cheap, it will give more aspiring MC’s the opportunity to achieve their goal of learning how to rap without breaking the bank.

“Yo Ghost Writer, Reading yo guide made it a lot easier for me to come up wit my rhymes.  I’m about to start recording my first demo, thanx!”

Orlando, FL
Learn To Rap With Rap Like A Pro | The Official How To Rap Munual For Aspiring MC's
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Oh Yeah, I almost forgot. As a way of saying thank you for your purchase. I decided to add a couple of Incredible Bonuses!

Bonus One
YouTube Success - I will show you how to bring tons of traffic to your YouTube videos!  I also will reveal the software that I use that makes getting exposure on YouTube an absolute breeze!

Bonus Two
How To Get Your Music Heard - I’ve compiled a list of the very best places to promote you and your music. I even threw in some of the best places to find high quality beats for dirt cheap!!

P.S -  Don’t wait! You now have the opportunity to obtain the knowledge needed to fulfill your rap dreams. I promise that you will not regret your decision to let “Rap Like A Pro” be the guide that taught you how to perfect the art of rapping.
       Thank You,                  
             Learn To Rap

“I’ve been waiting for something like this to come out, so when I ran into your guide online I had to snatch it up, well worth it!

Sacramento, CA
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